About Us

KOM International offers strategic supply chain management consulting services, warehouse consulting, distribution center, logistics, system software, and transportation - resulting in productivity improvement for our clients in Canada, United States, Europe, and South America.

As a global logistics and supply chain management consulting firm KOM International provides expertise across such areas as distribution consulting and warehouse optimization; network strategy; facility design; warehouse facility re-engineering; detailed planning, transportation management services; software evaluation, selection and implementation; disaster recovery planning; actionable business intelligence; and more.

Whether you work for a multinational global enterprise or a small regional distributor in retail, wholesale or manufacturing the chances are there are numerous opportunities to improve your customer service levels and corporate profits through more efficient and effective logistics, warehousing and transportation operations. Working with experienced consultants will ensure that you discover and execute on these opportunities with maximum success in your supply chain management projects.

Our founder, Sydney Kom, believed that the client's needs should always come first and our advice should be in their best interests and totally impartial to supplier relationships.

This philosophy is still apparent today in the dedication of our staff, the quality of our work, and the loyalty of our past clients.

At KOM International our goal is to empower our clients distributors, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to be leaders in their industry by discovering and implementing logistics operations improvements that enable world-class customer service and increased profits. Our goal is simple but powerful: to transform our clients' supply chains and to provide them with a significant competitive advantage.

Core Competencies

KOM International takes pride in our track record, spanning over 45 years as successful supply chain consultants offering strategic supply chain management consulting services, warehouse management consulting, distribution consulting, logistics, warehousing design, system software, benchmarking, and transportation - resulting in productivity improvement for our clients in Canada, United States, Europe, and South America.

KOM International maintains its reputation as the most experienced, forward-thinking and specialized supply chain and distribution consulting firm in the industry. The firm's specialized services provide significant financial and customer service benefits to companies as small as $5 million to as large as $200 billion in sales across the manufacturing, wholesale and retail industry sectors.

Over the past 45 years, KOM International has successfully completed 3,600 supply chain consulting projects resulting in increased profits for our clients through world-class distribution operations and technologies.

Core competencies in supply chain consulting include:

  • Supply chain strategy;
  • Actionable Business Intelligence (ABI);
  • Distribution center design and layout;
  • Improving existing distribution operations;
  • Supply chain technology solution selection and implementation;
  • Warehouse and transportation management consulting.

Why KOM International?

Foremost you want to select a supply chain consulting firm you can trust to deliver an unbiased opinion.

At KOM International we are independent supply chain management consultants sharing over four decades of supply chain expertise with our clients is our only business.

Track Record

Client surveys prove that over 80% of our clients keep coming back because they trust us to deliver the highest level of supply chain management consulting services available anywhere.

The KOM Guarantee

We guarantee you receive only the highest quality supply chain management consulting and implementation services. We make only recommendations that are in your companyís best interest, that are realistic, actionable, and translate into real savings.

Trust isnít that what itís all about.